Studio Peter Van Riet is a full service design agency.

We are your strategic partner for change. Our mission is to design actionable strategies, products & services that generate sustainable growth.

Studio Peter Van Riet is a hybrid design studio, which collaborates closely with talented specialists from various industries. This dynamic platform for creativity, embedded in a unique, ‘Vision On CreationTM’ structure, offers design solutions, ranging from product and service design to company design.


Our increasingly complex, interconnected and rapidly changing world holds huge opportunities. But companies need a methodology to turn these opportunities into products and services. Design is this methodology. Design is not an object, design is an action, a verb.

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Studio Peter Van Riet aims to be your strategic partner for change. This means that we tailor our services to your needs: we can start with a keynote speech or an inspirational session to open minds. If you have a clear challenge we can do an opportunity scan or design a solution. If you need to cultivate a culture of creativity or you need creative guidance in your organization we can be your design coach on a long-term basis.

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Creativity is the path to the future


Digital technology and the global market are changing our world at an unprecedented pace. Ideas spread in seconds, boundaries evaporate, leaving companies unprotected from global competition. Consumers are better informed, more demanding and they have the tools to communicate and shop globally.

This changing world holds huge opportunities. But companies need a methodology to turn these opportunities into products and services. Design is this methodology. Design is not an object, design is an action, a verb. Design is the process of discovering opportunities and turning them into usable solutions.


In order to innovate and to maintain an advantage there are many competitive arenas to be conquered. The holistic approach – inherent to design thinking – is written in our DNA. We will address every competitive arena: vision & strategy, brand, products & services, intellectual property, digital and sustainability.

  • Vision & strategy

    A clear vision and strategy will help a company and its employees to use its key strengths and to focus on the right targets.

  • Brand

    A brand helps customers to identify the company, its products and services. A brand adds value to products and services and it helps customers in their purchase decisions.

  • Product

    Products are no longer mere objects. They must offer a valuable user experience, which requires a design strategy and a fit with the company’s brand and values.

  • Service

    Services can stand alone or they can add value to products. Either way, services must be designed to be efficient and attractive, just like products.

  • Intellectual property

    As the world is becoming borderless and ideas spread across the internet in milliseconds, the protection of intellectual property is key to protect innovation.

  • Digital

    Digital technology is increasingly creating customer value. Digital channels are more than communication channels, they also serve as a sales channel, a service channel, a customer care channel and a delivery channel.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is not a matter of choice; it will become a license to operate. Companies building an advantage in sustainability will benefit from it as legislation tightens.

Co-creation in our “Vision on Creation” platform

We approach each challenge from a holistic point of view. In many cases this requires collaboration beyond the walls of our studio. To formalize this collaboration we developed our ‘Vision on Creation’ platform. Besides being a mindset, ‘Vision on Creation’ is a way to provide our clients with access to industry specialists, a legal and IP framework and collaborative tools to run their projects efficiently.

  • The Core

    The Core consists of a small group of senior professionals who take responsibility for the project and the client service.

  • The Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board is a mix of senior professionals from the finance industry, venture capitalists, innovators and entrepreneurs. They offer their invaluable experience and connections within the industry.

  • The Units

    The Units are industry specialists in the different competitive arenas. These are all independent senior consultants, who prove their value in the marketplace daily.
    The Units are engaged on a per-project basis ensuring the right expertise at the right time.



Creativity is the path to the future

Keynote & Inspiration
  • Why?

    The world is changing, but is your organization on top of that? Do people in your organization know what is going on in the world of branding, product and service design? You might need an entertaining and inspirational session or keynote.

  • What?

    In-company session tailored to your needs, including a plan of action to go from inspiration to results, or a keynote speech on seminars or events.

  • Who?

    Event organizers, creative departments, leadership teams.

  • Result...

    Energy, inspiration, insights on trends.

Opportunity scan
  • Why?

    You see a challenge ahead and want to discover which strategic options you have, which customers are interesting, which positioning is right, which products or service will work.

  • What?

    With quick designs, story telling and prototyping we explore the different options you have to address your challenge.

  • Who?

    Creative departments and leadership teams who need new ideas.

  • Result...

    Better insights to make strategic choices; new brand, product and service ideas.

Product, service and brand design
  • Why?

    You need to develop and design a new brand, product or service to grow, to stay ahead of competitors or to target new markets.

  • What?

    Brand, service and product design. We follow a well defined design methodology, including a feasibility study; a product vision based on insights; concept creation taking technological, human and economic aspects into account; design; prototyping; follow-up of production and project management. All these steps are done in close collaboration with you, keeping your goals in mind.

  • Who?

    Companies committed to launch a new offering.

  • Result...

    A new brand, service or product on the market.

Design coaching
  • Why?

    You need to cultivate a culture of creativity; need a challenger for your product portfolio and innovation efforts; you need a creative partner to supervise your brand, product or service design; you need a long term creative strategy.

  • What?

    By offering a long-term cooperation, we become a strategic partner of your internal team. This enables us to develop a consistent long-term vision and to facilitate continuous improvement. A long-term cooperation will also feed you continuously with new ideas and will foster a culture of creativity and innovation.

  • Who?

    Companies who need a partner for a continuous flow of innovation.

  • Result...

    Improved design and innovation capabilities; more efficient innovation and gatekeeping processes; alignment of your brand, your services and your product portfolio.




    Roltex 2013

    Collection of traybles.


    Quinny 2013

    Together with Quinny we worked on an Urban mobility concept with an eye to the future.

    Fire Basket

    Serax 2012

    To ensure cosy Winter evenings.

    Asset tag

    Viloc 2012

    Viloc is specialized in innovative solutions for equipment management and object security.


    Lattoflex 2012-2005

    Modular and Cover are two bed frames which can be used with any Lattoflex base.


    Urbastyle 2012

    Urban bench.


    P&V 2011

    A dynamic and modular charging point for electrical vehicles.


    Serax 2011

    For your Flowers.


    Applitek 2010

    Portable & benchtop XRF analyzer. The compact analyzer can be used to analyze powders, objects, liquids in just a few moments.


    Prefamac 2010-2004

    Range of chocolate tempering devices.

    Strap-in Binding

    Beyondsnow 2009-2007

    Design and production of an innovative Snowboard binding.


    Jongform 2005-2000

    Several couches: Balance, Glide, Matrix, Static.

    Drinking Fountain

    AWW 2004

    Public water fountain in order to promote the quality of tap water.

    Sit 'n Read

    Juventa 2004

    Basic idea is to bring books more central and push reading. It's a command: Sit and Read!

    Oh oooh

    Dark 2004

    Concept for Dark.


    UNIC DESIGN 2002-2000


    Mixing Unit

    Numark 2001

    One year collaboration with Numark, in order to come up with new ideas.


    Etap 2001-1996

    Starting point was the result of a one Year collaboration where we investigated the Future of Office lighting.

    The Box

    Juventa 2001

    Closet as a result of questioning ourselves why we need closets.


    Orlians 2000

    Garden lighting.

    In Concept

    Consino 1999

    Collection of metal furniture.


    KBC 2013

    Positioning of a startup center where we investigated the approach, services, Look & feel, …


    Van Roey 2012

    Platform in order to better the Quality of Life for Elderly.


    P&V 2012

    Business model, distribution, branding, ...

    Check movie
    Retail concept

    Forcom 2011

    Retail concept in order to save space and upgrade the services.

    Customer interaction

    Bematrix 2011

    Opportunity scan in order to come up with ideas regarding the complete organization.


    P&V 2010

    Repositioning of Services and Products, Process for continuous innovation, ...

    TEDx Ghent


    Repositioning & Branding exercise.


    Novatio 2012

    POP/POS, Packaging & Presentation.

    TEDx Ghent





    Repositioning & Branding exercise.


    P&V 2011

    POP & demo.



    Branding strategy, Positioning, Booths, Graphics, Events,...

    Real Deal


    Counter for Snowboard Shop.



    Collection of Tshirts.



    Interface for the Belgian Railway Company.